Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hidden Surprises Mini Album

Hello fellow paper crafters.  I hope your September is going good.  Fall is upon on us and I am excited, even though Florida doesn't have a fall, I still like the thought of Fall.  Plus I love Halloween.  I have a new costume and its the Mad Hatter.  I bought it, but made some adjustments including the thread bandolier, which I made myself because the costume came with something cheesy.  I can't wait to wear it!

It's time for a new project.  The Hidden Surprises Mini Album is awesome, it has 6 unique pages.  A couple of pages you might recognize as they are card elements turned into a page.  This album is 7 x 10 1/2" in size.  The papers I used is Graphic 45 Imagine.  I love this paper because of the hot air balloons.  Of course I have a written tutorial and construction videos, the videos are at the end.

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Time for pictures.


What do you think of the hot air balloon?  It is so awesome.  It is a die from Spellbinders called Hot Air Balloon.  I'm thinking of making another one and doing a short video on how to make it.

I love this hidden waterfall page. 

You might recognize the "Twist and Pop" card element above.

Another waterfall element, because they are awesome.


Time for some videos.  I have a preview video, page construction video and a video to show what is in the kit.





Sunday, August 19, 2018

Trinket Box and Star Tag Mini Album

I found a die I really like.  It is a Sizzix die by Eileen Hull called Book & Pages, Trinket Box & Frame.  So I built a project around it.  I made the Trinket Box and designed an album to go inside.  The album is called Star Tag Mini Album.  I did not come up with the Star Album, it has been around for awhile, I just designed it to hold ATC tags and to fit into the Trinket Box.  This is a pretty quick project to put together.  The paper line I used is Graphic 45 Imagine.

I do have kits for the project.  In the kit you will get the Trinket Box cut out of lightweight chipboard.  However, I did not include the papers cut out because you might want to use different papers than me.  So all you have to do is trace the trinket box pieces onto the paper you want to use and cut them out.  I have a tutorial for the Trinket Box and Star Tag Mini Album, but I do give all the measurements and direction in the construction videos posted below.   The tutorial is if you want to print out the directions.

For KITS, click HERE.



This project is super quick and fun to make.  I hope you enjoy it!



~Construction Video~ 

~Construction Video~
Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoyed this awesome project.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Behind the Scenes (Tiki Hut)

Ever wonder what it's like to design a project from scratch?  Here are some behind the scene photos of how my tiki hut became a reality...

I usually start by making anything with regular paper, in this case it's yellow.  The process is: I get an idea, which is sometimes inspired by the paper, then research it with either Google, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.  Then, sketch out some ideas.  Then, make samples.  For this project, I made 2 samples of the Tiki Hut before deciding on the design and size.  Once I get a better idea of what I want, I make a prototype sample.   

The middle picture (the smallest one) is where I started, then went to a different style that was bigger (right picture).  Next, I made a prototype from chipboard.  I also attempted a roof style with brown paper and fringe scissors.  I added a couple of layers of chipboard between the roof papers to give it dimension.  I ended up scrapping that idea and found the leaves roof was a better fit.

The above pictures is me trying for the leaf roof to see what it would look like.  I just keep die cutting the leaves and throwing them on the roof. 

Then came the dies.  Right after I came up with the Tiki Hut, I knew I wanted a Tiki Mask and found two dies that I just had to have.  Now I don't always use dies in my projects, but when I do, I hunt for the perfect ones.

When I got the Sizzix die, I realized the birds were way to big for the Hut.  I really wanted to use them on the Hut, so instead of wasting them, I put them in the album. 

Below are a couple of pictures of me trying to figure out the placement of the embellishments.

And lastly is a picture of me designing the front cover of the album.  I always try to figure out the album before covering it.  I try to make sure the paper won't conflict with the embellishments I want to use. 

That's it.  Here is the final result:

If you missed the original post of this project, which has the links to all of the construction videos, click HERE.

I believe I only have one Kit left of this project, so if you want it click HERE.

If you want the written tutorial, it can be found HERE.

I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes fun at how I create some projects.  Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Baby Album - Deluxe Accordion Mini Album

My co-worker recently had a baby girl, so I made her a baby album using my newest album, Deluxe Accordion Mini Album.  The paper collection I used is Prima Heaven Sent II.  I do not have any kits for this baby version, but I still have kits for this project using Graphic 45 Tropical Travelogue.

I had enough paper left over to decorate a photo box.  Everything turned out super cute.  I know she is going to love it.

I did a preview video of this album, which is below.

I already have construction videos for the mini album and that can be found HERE.
For the written tutorial, click HERE.



Baby albums are so fun to make.