Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma and Tutorial Purchases

Hurricane Irma is about to hit Florida, which is where I reside.  This Hurricane has not quite figured out what it wants to do.  I am in northeast Florida.  It has changed its mind every day.  So today it wants to go up the west coast and drop to a category 2 on its way up, then jump in the ocean for a dip and get power and go up to a category 3 by the time it gets to north Florida.  Not sure how it will affect me yet, but I am prepared.  I have food, water, and boarded up my back sliding glass door.  Not sure about boarding up my front windows yet.  Waiting to see what tomorrow holds (Sunday).

So most of you know that I manually e-mail tutorials.  However, if my power goes out, which is expected, then I can't do it. 

Please be patient if I don't get your tutorial out right away.  If power goes out, I will e-mail the tutorials as soon as it goes back on.  Again, thank you for your patience.

Pray for Floridians, especially south Florida and the coast that is going to get hit bad.  Because of the Hurricane changing to the west coast they aren't as prepared as the east coast.  Prayers to those who stayed. 


Patricia 10000 said...

Dear Melissa,
Sint Maarten is a part of the Netherlands and Irma hit Sint Maarten very bad. My prayers go with you! Stay well and save!

Monica Baker said...

Cute cute cute Melissa!!